This Proven Dream Job Framework Has Increased People's Salaries by 20%-50%  
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What everyone ought to know about getting hired and earning more.
Course Testimony Jeanie C
"With all the conflicting information available on the web, it is hard to know where to start. The Pro Resume course guided me through the process of writing my own resume and I feel empowered knowing I crafted it myself. Already I'm getting great traction with my new resume. The course couldn't have been simpler to follow."

Jeanie C. - Manager at a SaaS company and Course Alumni
From Overwhelm to Landing Your Next Job
Here's exactly what's covered in Dream Job Framework
Land your dream job
Land Your Dream Job
Get In The Driver Seat Of Your Career.
Get Paid for your value
Get Paid For Your Value
Maximize Your Earning Potential.
Level up your career
Level-Up Your Career
Achieve Your Career Goals.

1 - Pro Resume Course 
($197 Value)

With my Pro Resume course you will get a resume that will get you more interviews - Here's why:
  • Short, quick videos that walk you through exactly what you need on your resume to get interviews
  • ​Resume templates you get to choose from and download that get seen and make writing it quick
  • ​Numerous sample summaries for you to choose from to have a great hook
  • ​ABC bullet point formula and has the information recruiters and hiring leaders want to see
  • ​List of Power Words for you to pick from to make your experience pop
  • ​List of Resume Don'ts which is critical to increase your chances for an interview
  • ​Learn how to add fancy lines to your resume so it's easier to read

2 - Interview Secrets Course 
($197 Value)

Stand out amongst the competition with my course on Interview Secrets
  • Short, quick videos that walk you through exactly what you need to know to nail interviews
  • ​​List of most commonly asked interview questions
  • ​​List of behavioral based interview questions that companies use

3 - Linked-In Optimization Course 
($197 Value)

This course walks you through how to build, optimize and nurture your network, so Recruiters are excited to reach out to you before anyone else.
  • Short, quick videos that walk you through exactly what you need to know to stand out among your competition
  • ​​List of Summary Examples to optimize your profile for keyword searches
  • ​​List of FREE resources to utilize when revamping your profile

4 - Salary Maximizer Course 
($87 Value)

For those serious about their career growth, this is the power course to get the salary offer you deserve.
  • Determine your worth in the marketplace
  • ​​Learn to earn more
  • ​​Negotiate & accept your job offer with confidence

Gain Unlimited Access to Everything! 

30 Day Money Back Guarantee - Cancel Anytime

Bonus #1

Personal Board of Directors Course
($50 Value)

Stay ahead of your peer by excelling your career growth
  • Short, quick video that walks you through exactly what you need to know to stand out amongst your peers
  • ​​Course worksheet to map out your career growth

Bonus #2

Get a FREE copy of my newest book
($16 Value) 

You'll receive a physical copy of 'I hate Mondays!' by Renee Frey. Discover how to finally land that dream job and that makes you jump out of bed every day. 
30 Day Money Back Guarantee - Cancel Anytime
Course Testimony Jeanie C
"Thanks to Renee's Pro Resume course, I am now equipped with a clear and concise resume. I absolutely recommend her course to help you create a resume that will stand out amongst the competition."

Tyler F. - Full Stack Developer and Course Alumni
Hi, I'm Renee
I'm on a mission to help you find your dream job doing what you love.

With nearly 2 decades in the recruiting industry and the owner of a nationwide executive search firm, I am immersed in the changing employment market and have a pulse on what hiring leaders are looking for.  

Regardless of your skills and job experience, you can land your dream job. But it won't happen on its own. You need a proven strategy and some guidelines. That's what I can teach you, step by step.
  • ​Designated LinkedIn TOP Career Coach & Resume Expert
  • Author of 'I Hate Mondays: A Guide To Landing A Job That Makes You Jump Out Of Bed
  • Podcast Host of 'The Conscious Professional'
  • ​Certified Women-Owned & Small Business Owner
  • ​Wine Enthusiast
  • ​Die-Hard MN Vikings Fan

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