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Hi, I'm Renee.
I am the President of TalentQ, LinkedIn designated TOP Resume Writer & Career Coach, Author of 'I Hate Mondays', Podcast Host of 'Careers & Cocktails', wine lover and die-hard MN Vikings fan.
With nearly 2 decades in the recruiting industry hiring for small to midsize companies, to the big dogs like Amazon, Target Corp, 3M to name a few...I have a pulse on the changing job market.  

I am blowing the lid off and sharing all the secrets, tips and tricks that will save you TIME & MONEY.  

Whether you are looking to secure your next hire, or for a PAY RAISE &'ve come to the right place.

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hiring leaders...

TalentQ works as an extension  of your company. The team works diligently and tenaciously to find both technical expertise as well as culture fit. They go the extra mile to ensure any candidate presented is fully vetted and clearly understands the position, the hiring manager and the organization as a whole.

Sr. Talent Acquisition Manager

The TalentQ team is extremely
flexible and able to adapt quickly to
new processes. Another strength of
TalentQ lies in strategic sourcing.
The team really thrives on
incorporating their sourcing
strategies and acts as a vital
business partner. Finally, the
TalentQ team is very effective at
candidate conversion; they were
able to speak with executive
candidates confidently.

Sr. Manager, Program Management, Global Talent Intelligence

During my 20+ year career, the
TalentQ team has been the most
effective team of executive recruiters
I have worked with. TalentQ
delivered results for my organization
by filling even the most difficult
positions. The TalentQ team
encompasses all the traits necessary
to succeed in bringing in high quality
talent: authentic, professional,
persistent, proactive, organized,
smart, driven. I recommend TalentQ
to any organization looking for a high
performing executive recruiter.

Sr. Director Technology Risk

job seekers...

Working with Renee is such a delight. She is energetic, friendly and has an incredible wealth of knowledge in HR and recruitment. I was looking to make an industry shift and she helped guide and support me in that process. She provides all the necessary tools to make your dreams a reality."

Career Corner Participant

Thanks to Renee's Pro Resume course, I am now equipped with a clear and concise resume.  I absolutely recommend her course to help you create a resume that will stand out amongst the competition. 

Career Corner Participant

As a business professional, this was the first time that I have ever used a professional resume writer.  In the past I was able to rely on internal job postings for most of my career and did not need a polished resume.  I highly recommend Renee's skills to assist in drafting your resume to help further your career goals. 

Career Corner Participant

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