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Personal Board of Directors
Digital Course

Map Out Your Continuous Career Growth.

What you'll get:

My Personal Board of Directors digital course walks you through how to stay ahead of your peers. I teach you how this simple concept can make a grand impact on you and your career growth. You'll get a course specific worksheet with the concept mapped out for your use over and over again. With these tools and training, nothing will stop your personal and professional growth.
  • Short, quick video that walks you through exactly what you need to know to stand out amongst your peers
  • ​Course worksheet to map out your career growth

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-Renee Frey, President, TalentQ

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"Working in Corporate America, I never really felt I knew who was 'on my team.' This course provided a great exercise to help me map out benchmarks for my success.  I'm now seeing my peers, leaders and mentors in a new light.   Looking forward to catapulting my career to the next level with this new found perspective.
Daniel G.
Happy Customer
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